Sarah Gorton

Vice President

Sarah is a communication major at the University of Texas at San Antonio. She has been using informal education to teach others about bats for five years through volunteer opportunities as a San Antonio Zoo Docent and with Bat Conservation International's Bracken Cave Preserve programs. A few groups she's formally presented to include the Bexar Grotto, the San Antonio Zoo volunteer group, and eight classes at a San Antonio high school. In the summer of 2016, she interned with Missouri Bat Census and later with the University of Georgia as a Bat Technician, where she assisted graduate researchers in mist-netting, radio telemetry, and acoustic monitoring. She’s currently working on her undergraduate thesis, surveying bat species using acoustic monitoring. In addition, she's designing a set of project-based learning lesson plans for local teachers as part of her work with the Academy for Teacher Excellence. Her other hobbies include camping, rock climbing, and indoor gardening.


  • Cibolo Preserve Grant Recipient
  • BCM Acoustic Workshop 2017
  • Georgia DNR Field Research Internship
  • BCI Volunteer 2+ years
  • SA Zoo Volunteer 6+ years