Educational Programs and Services

We host workshops in our classroom in Bracken Village on a regular basis, but we also travel to you! We are available to present to your classroom, tailored to suit any age or grade level, pre-K through highschool. We also are happy to present to home school groups, scout troops, or adult groups such as office team building days or birding groups! We're here to meet your needs. Browse some of our pre-constructed programs below, or contact us about your specific needs!


Native Bat Basics

We'll cover all facts about the Mexican Free-tailed Bat colonies at Bracken Cave here in San Antonio, and the Congress Avenue Bridge Colony in Austin, along with everything else you should know about the 43 bat species in the United States!

moody gardens vampire bat.jpg

Vampire Bats

Learn to differentiate between fact and fiction with this workshop on the vampire bat. How does reality compare with what you've seen in horror movies?

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Conservation Careers

Did you know that there are tons of ways to work with animals without being a veterinarian? Learn how you can become a wildlife rehabilitator or volunteer, and about other "bat jobs" like a field biologist, research biologist, keeper, conservationist, and more!


White-Nose Syndrome

What is White-Nose Syndrome? Where did it come from? How does it affect bats? Learn the answer to these questions and more with a fun caving activity!


Bat Rescue and ID

This activity involves learning about how to safely rescue a bat before professionals arrive, and what professional rehabilitators do when they get a bat in. 

More coming soon!