Our Approach


Our overall mission is to bring communities closer together through an appreciation of nature. Within that scope, our biggest focus at Sticks and Stones Rescue is to facilitate grassroots understanding of bats and the important functions that they, and other wildlife, perform within the ecosystem. We feel it is important to encourage compassion for all animals, but particularly those which are widely persecuted or misunderstood. We are driven by the desire to pursue deeper knowledge of bats within both scientific and local communities.

We service the city of San Antonio and the surrounding area, and aim to have a wider reach through a unique approach to social media. We hope that our educational programs and and events will prove to be a valuable and welcomed community service in the city of San Antonio, home to Bracken Cave-- the largest colony of bats in the WORLD.

More than that, we want to connect with you! We are very open to collaborations with other organizations, artists, or entities who share our goals and values. If you have a proposal for collaboration or partnership, we're all ears!