How to Help Bats

1. Put up a bat house

Bats need a place to live! Putting up a bat house in your yard could provide shelter to hundreds of bats, depending on how big the bat house is. You can either purchase one, or build one yourself.

2. Put a water source in your yard

Like all other animals, bats need to drink water. Installing a small pond or bird bath in your yard can be very helpful for bats, especially in times of drought.

3. Install a pollinator garden

While the bats of San Antonio aren't pollinators, a lot of the bugs they feed on are. Plant night-blooming flowers to attract moths to create a batty buffet!

4. Let your garden go wild

The best homes for bats are the ones naturally created for them. Bats and other wildlife often hide away in dead trees and messy foliage. Northern Yellow bats in particular love to live in dead palm tree fronds, while Eastern Red bats will roost in leaf litter. So if you do decide to clean up your yard, please do so carefully!

5. Safely exclude bats from your house

Sometimes bats decide they want to live with people. While bats a great, having them in our homes is not. It is, however, possible to safely remove them from your house through a process called exclusion. Bat exclusions can be done by a number of professional humane pest control companies.

6. Be a friend to bats

Here at Sticks and Stones Rescue, we try to change everyone's minds about bats. Unfortunately, we can't talk to every single person, so that's where you come in! It's up to you to help educate your friends and family about the importance of bats, and how to help bats. We'd also love it if you'd use our webform to tell us when you see a negative reference to bats in media, so that we can address it in future content!

7. Support bat rehabilitation and conservation

There are a lot of different organizations that teach people about bats, rehabilitate them back to health, or fund research to study them. Few of them receive government funding and rely on donations to make their work possible. Consider donating to help them continue their great work.

8. Don't eat bats!!!

This may sound silly, but in other countries bats are eaten by humans for food. If you travel to those countries, don't eat a bat! It may be a threatened species, and because bats can carry diseases, it may not be safe.