"Go to Bat!" Game for International Bat Week 2017

We are very proud to introduce this free, printable bat trivia game, which was put together as a collaboration between Sticks and Stones Rescue and The Save Lucy Campaign, with guidance and input from Project EduBat.

In keeping with this year's slogan for International Bat Week- "Going to bat for bats!", the game has been designed with a loosely baseball-styled look. Later, we plan to re-release the game without Bat Week 2017 branding, and with the option of an advanced set of rules. 

We hope you find it fun and educational to play!

As always, if you appreciate the work we do, we would be eternally grateful if you would consider making a small donation to help enable us to continue.

Bats forever,

Jenni and Sarah

Sticks and Stones Rescue