How did you get interested in bats to begin with?

Jenni has been interested in bats for as far back as she can remember, perhaps around age 5. She always loved animals and read lots of books about wildlife. Growing up in the 1990s, this included Wildlife Fact Files and Zoobooks. 8)

As an adult, she got involved with bats after her Air Force career brought her to Texas. She was looking for volunteering activities that would let her get to know Texas and relate to her interests--- that's when she realized that Texas is a pretty special place in the world for bats, with the state being home to the world's largest colony of bats, the world's largest urban colony of bats, and two of the most well-known bat organizations: Bat Conservation International and Bat World Sanctuary. She signed up for a workshop at Bat World, got connected with Southern Wildlife Rehab, and was hooked on wildlife rehabilitation after that!

Sarah was volunteering at the San Antonio Zoo at age 14, where she interpreted educational carts to zoo visitors. One look at the bat cart and she was hooked by how incredibly interesting and diverse bat species are!

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